A first of it’s kind resource for students and clubs alike, ClubInterns.com aims to bridge the gap between interns and clubs with a positive experience for both. The goal of the project is to have all clubs that provide internship opportunities listed on this website with a custom, detailed profile for any possible intern to view.

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We know that students can easily become leery

and skeptical of accepting a position far from

home at a place that they are not sure about.

With ClubInterns.com, you can rest easy.
Instead of getting basic details and pictures off
of the club’s website, you’ll get specific pictures
and details of the operation, the living quarters, meals, local activities, manager biography,
and much more.

And with all club profiles in one location, it’s
never been easier or more fun to browse for your next opportunity to get your career started.

Having quality interns demonstrates to your committee and membership your professionalism and eagerness for perfect daily conditions. Having the best interns helps insure future staff for you
and your department. Not landing an intern can
be a huge disappointment and potentially
embarrassing for you and your club.

With a custom profile on ClubInterns.com, you will arm your club with the tool needed to land these interns. You can highlight your club’s special features, your specific management style, and
what makes your club different from the rest.

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